Plants and Flowers that Flourish in Cape May NJ Coastal Climate

If you are a long time shore resident, coastal gardens enjoy a special environment dominated by lots of sunlight, ocean breezes, sand and salt. For many plants, those conditions would be challenging. Sandy soil can easily shift and erode, flooding, strong breezes and salt spray are always a possibility and the summer heat can dry gardens quickly.

To make your gardening job a bit easier at the shore in order to maintain a healthy and stable plant and flower collection, here’s guide to “flowers & plants that thrive” in these special conditions in southern NJ coastal areas and are relatively easy to care for once established. (Bear in mind, plants, shrubs, and flowers, regardless of their vitality, require regular watering).

Most Popular Annuals (Easy Care)

  • Flowering minka (sun annuals)
  • Geraniums (sun annuals)
  • Portulaca
  • Hybrid New Guinea Impatiens 

Popular Tropical Annuals

  • Mandeville
  • Hibiscus

Popular Perennials (Easy Care)

  • Day Lilies
  • Sedums
  • Hydrangea
  • Knock-out Roses 

Popular Shrubs & Trees

    • Junipers
    • Chindo Viburnums
    • Holly
    • Cypres
    • Arborvitae (Good for Screening)

High Yielding Vegetable Gardens Offer Cost Savings and Variety

Vegetable gardens can succeed as well. Raised beds offer the option to use potting or topsoil. Additives are recommended for a more bountiful harvest. To make your soil more receptive—adding vermiculite, compost, peat moss, or other organic matter depending on the sand and salt content of your soil- will enhance yield and harvest results.

You can also consider installing a drip line to keep your seedlings adequately hydrated. There is great pride in having a strong yielding vegetable garden in addition to the fun it creates and not to mention the cost savings at the grocery store as you walk by the “imports” in the vegetable aisle.

Make Country Greenery your first stop for plants, flowers, and shrubs to make your garden dreams a reality. Stop in or call, 609-465-2694, to find all your plants and flowers that work well in our southern NJ climate.

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