It’s Winter But Let’s Think About Gardening

It’s Winter But Let’s Think About Gardening


It’s been a cold, cold winter in the Delaware Valley, and if you’re like most area residents, you’ve been dreaming of those first warm, balmy days of spring. For plenty of people, that means dreaming of lush lawns and gorgeous gardens, chock full of beautiful, fragrant blooms or delicious vegetables and herbs.

Thinking of your garden in the middle of winter might seem out of step with the season, but actually, it’s during these gray months of winter that you really should be thinking about your garden. Not only can it do your mood some good, but it also means that when gardening season does arrive, you’ll be ready for action – and by getting started as soon as the weather warms up, your garden will be healthier and more lush throughout the season.

So what should you be doing now to prepare for a beautiful gardening season? It starts with planning.

  • First, think carefully about what you did last year in your yard and garden – what worked and what didn’t – as well as what you’d do differently this year. Think in terms of what you planted and what you wish you’d planted, as well as how specific plants performed in their current locations. Did some plants get too much sun? Too much shade? Think about where you can move them to get peak performance – or maybe you’d just rather replace them with something new.

  • Next, think about what you’d like your garden to be. Remember, this is the planning stage – the sky’s the limit. Brainstorm what you’d like to have in your garden and how you can work it into your landscape. That includes the inspirational ideas you gleaned from magazines, from Pinterest, from flower shows, from public gardens – even from your own neighborhood.

  • Don’t limit yourself to plants. Hardscape elements like pathways and borders, water elements, sitting areas – all these can combine to make a truly unique gardenscape that inspires and rejuvenates – a space that’s truly yours.

  • Now map it out. Grab some graph paper and make a rough map of your yard. Use a pencil, because chances are, you’re going to change you mind – probably more than once. And that’s not only OK – it’s part of the fun!

Need a little help in planning? No problem! Give Country Greenery a call at 609-465-2694 or send us an email and let us help you bring your gardening dreams to life!

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